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You can align drawing annotations vertically, horizontally, or to an edge. Create a view sketch on a model with included work features and select those work features with the Project Geometry command. Quickly access and share your collection of sketch symbols through a new external Sketch Symbols Library. This library is an Inventor drawing file that, by default, is located in a subfolder of the Design Data location of your project. This new feature offers the following new functions: A search and filter feature in the Sketch Symbols Library dialog box.

Preview the sketch in a preview pane within the dialog box before placing the sketch. Browser expansion state remains throughout session when placing sketch symbols. Save your sketch symbols to a customized library. Improved Start Up and Learning Experience The new start-up and learning experience combine to make learning and using Inventor faster and easier.

Movable and resizable Inventor Home panels. Home provides greater access to common file tasks. Files can be removed from the recent documents list. Vault status is displayed in the recent documents list. Create custom shortcuts to provide fast access to frequently used files and locations. Help content was edited to provide better search results.

Topic content was combined to reduce the number of clicks. A lighting style can have zero local lights but must have one IBL. When you enter the Studio Environment, all legacy local lights are now disabled by default. It is recommended you use IBL for better rendering results. You can turn on specific local lights manually when necessary. All newly created lighting styles are associated with the default IBL automatically. The enhanced visual effect for shaded visual style makes it more consistent with the realistic visual style.

The rendering engine in Inventor Studio was changed to RapidRT with advanced configurations for better quality rendering. The new and enhanced Technical Illustration command creates a realistic illustration effect in the graphics window.

Workflow Enhancements Among the many enhancements, are: General Use Escape Esc key to cancel an operation in select processes. Multiple productivity enhancements made to dialog boxes. Add all window tile styles to the task bar. Dock an Inventor browser on any application's window edge. Hide all sketch dimensions now available in the Object Visibility menu.

Sheet metal parts Multi-body support is added to sheet metal. Support for zero bend radius is added to many commands. Material thickness is detected when you convert a part to a sheet metal part. Punch tool shows a count of the center selections. Part appearance and body, feature, or face color overrides can be pushed from derived part to new part A new Use color override from source component option has been added to the Derived Assembly not available in Inventor LT , Derived Part, Make Part, and Make Component dialog boxes.

Selecting this option pushes the Part appearance and body, feature, or face color overrides to be pushed from the derived part to the new part.

Tube and Pipe setting enhancements not available in Inventor LT You can now customize file names for fittings and populate part numbers into your parts list within the drawing environment. Previously, you could only change the name of your conduit items, but now you can update fittings as well. Parts Face draft contains powerful new options that let you Fix or Move the parting line. Ruled Surface is added to the surfacing commands.

The Mirror and Pattern commands support multiple solid body selection. Previously, nonlinear patterns of a solid body in a multi body part file have not been possible. You can now create nonlinear patterns for solid bodies. Drag a sketch above the parent feature in the browser to share it. The Measure command now allows you to measure an angle to the midpoint of any segment. This option is achieved by hovering your mouse over the midpoint of a segment until a yellow dot appears.

Sketch Identify which workplane or face a sketch was created on.

cheapest way to buy Inventor LT 2016 on mac

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